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7 Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries


You sit at your desk most of the day. On the weekends, it’s time to finally get outside and let loose. Maybe for a long hike, or a bike ride, or a few hours shooting hoops with friends.

Ouch! Do you sometimes over do it?

“I see that all the time,” says Jaclyn Wey, M.D., an orthopedic specialist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. “As you get older your body doesn’t work like it did when you were a kid. You can’t sit at your desk all day and then go out and start running or shooting hoops on the weekend.”

In fact, PAMF’s Mountain View Center opened a Monday morning acute care clinic just for those weekend warriors who suffer sports injuries on Sunday.

Knee pain – called patellofemoral pain syndrome – is the most common sports injury Dr. Wey sees in people in their 30s. In plain words, that syndrome means you have pain around your kneecap, almost always because you needed to stretch more before working out, she says.

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Why Walking Is Important for Health


If you think about exercise only in terms of intense cardio workouts such as running or biking, you may be missing out on the very health benefits you are trying to gain. In this blog post, Ronesh (Ron) Sinha, M.D., a PAMF internal medicine doctor, explains why the simplest exercises, such as walking, are the most important for our health.   Read More

Four Reasons My Grandmother Was Stronger and Fitter Than You

Smiling Young Businesswoman Walking Up StairsWhat’s your definition of strength and fitness? Is it how much weight you can bench press or how fast you can run a mile? Those modern measures of fitness may not help us as much as we think. How often do you need to bench press 200 pounds during the course of your day?

In terms of functional strength and fitness, my grandmother was stronger and fitter in her 80s than most of my younger patients today. Here are four reasons why:

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Seven Tips Toward Better Fitness

The beautiful weather beckons outdoors. It’s the perfect time to start doing something good for your health. Get started now with these seven simple tips from Palo Alto Medical Foundation internist Linda W. Shiue, M.D. Read More

Help Your Kids Get Exercise – Be Active Together!


Much as the family dinner is one of the best ways to stay connected with your kids, being active together as a family provides an equally powerful bonding experience with the added bonus of making sure everyone in the family is getting some healthy exercise. Know that the best possible way to encourage your child to exercise is to set a good example yourself – your child wants to do and be like you. Your level of activity will dictate how active he or she is now and will help your child establish healthy exercise habits for life.

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In it to End it – 2011 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

We Walk… Because We Can’t Walk Away

My work as an oncology rehabilitation specialist at PAMF has allowed me to become a part of patient’s lives as they navigate the complicated journey through cancer treatment. I work with patients from their time of diagnosis, through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and beyond. Our department within the Cancer Care Center addresses important issues such as pain, musculoskeletal and neurological side effects of treatment and surgery, fatigue, and swelling. Our main objective is to work as a team with patients and their families to improve their quality of life and return patients to their pain free prior level of function.

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