Weight Management

Tips to Beat Summer Weight Gain


Summer is around the corner and it’s time to try to fit into that same bathing suit…again. I see lots of frustrated patients who lose no weight or gain weight in the summer. Doesn’t make sense, does it? You’re spending more time outdoors exercising and sweating, but the fat refuses to melt away in the summer heat. Before I discuss some of the primary culprits, it’s important to understand an important fact: Your diet has a far greater impact on body composition than exercise! Repeat this line over and over until it sinks in, and especially when you decide to reward yourself with a carb-loaded post-workout meal, snack or beverage.

I routinely see patients in my practice who tell me they are “sweating it out” in the gym five days a week but the needle on the scale is hardly budging. That’s because there has been little change in their diet. If you want to lose weight, and in particular burn body fat, you must lower your body’s insulin levels. High insulin levels store body fat, and out of all your macronutrients it’s the sugar and excess carbs that are sabotaging your efforts to fit into that swimsuit.

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The Queen of Zumba

When Meg Price pulls on her workout clothes and heads to the gym she feels like the queen of Zumba. But it wasn’t always that way.

Meg Price lost 108 pounds after weight loss surgery.

A year ago, she weighed 280 pounds and was facing life in a wheelchair due to debilitating back pain. “My doctor told me I would probably end up in a wheelchair, but I was simply too young for that,” says Price. Read More

Weight Loss Lessons

Dina Barr lost 130 pounds with PAMF’s HMR Weight Management Program.

Dina Barr’s big dream was always to ride on one of the swings at the Great America theme park in Santa Clara. But at 350 pounds it wasn’t just a tight squeeze – it was impossible.

As long as she could remember Barr had been battling her weight – always on or off a diet.

“I was always really good at sticking to a diet and losing weight,” says Barr. “But I just could never keep it off. Finally, I just gave up.” Read More

Healthy Weight Management: Environment Helps

Get me up on my weight management soap box and you’ll hear me forcefully proclaim that successful weight management has very little do with willpower, it’s actually much more about something we call skillpower: having enough strategies, tips and strategic planning to develop new skills to support ongoing lifestyle change.

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