My Health Online

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation, part of the Sutter Health network of care, offers patients a secure, online way to manage their medical records using My Health Online.

My Health Online Launches New Look, Features

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 When Edna Shochat, a PAMF patient since 1996, was going through breast cancer treatment, My Health Online, PAMF’s online patient service, helped make that difficult journey a little bit easier.

“My Health Online helped me keep track of my many appointments for treatment, tests and physical therapy,” says Shochat. The system also let her email her doctors, receive test results and renew prescriptions. Read More

My Health Online – a Family’s Connection to Good Health

What’s the best way to manage your family’s many health care needs when you are a busy mom with three young children under six?

PAMF patient, Ming-May Wu says it’s simple – just use My Health Online.

“Much of how we run our daily lives is through the Internet,” says Wu. “It’s just as critical to be able to manage something as important as my health care online, too. It’s simply the best way to do it.”

Wu has been using My Health Online, PAMF’s online patient service since 2009 for herself, her husband Andrew, Ina, 5, Aidan, 3, and Hannah, 3 months.

Whether it’s messaging with her doctors, making and canceling appointments, viewing her children’s health records or checking any test results, Wu makes full use of My Health Online’s convenient features.

As an experienced mother of two children, she thought she knew everything to expect during pregnancy. Not so. When she was expecting Hannah, she developed a thyroid condition and gestational diabetes.

“Both these health problems were new to me, and I had a lot of questions and concerns,” says Wu. “It was so reassuring to be able to use My Health Online’s messaging service to communicate with my doctors, get quick responses and my many questions answered.”

Wu communicated regularly through My Health Online’s messaging service with her obstetrician Takeshi Inouye, M.D., her endocrinologist Todd Kaye, M.D., and registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Susan Kirkpatrick – all at PAMF’s Mountain View Center.

“As a busy mom with two small, active children, it was so convenient to be able to check my test results from the comfort of my home, when I had the time.”

Through My Health Online, Wu was also able to view any upcoming required prenatal tests or doctor’s visits and coordinate these to make the most efficient use of her time – and make sure her husband could take care of their children while she was at the doctor’s office or at the lab.

Now she loves being able to manage her children’s health care through My Health Online’s child proxy feature that provides instant access to her children’s medical records.

“I feel so much more in control of their health,” says Wu. “I can quickly see what issues each of my children has had in the past, what treatments and medications they received, and I can anticipate any upcoming health issues. I don’t have to try and remember and keep track of this myself.”

This is particularly important and helpful in regards to her middle child, Aidan, who has asthma.

“By being able to review his medical record, it’s much easier to remain in control of his asthma. We can quickly renew his medication and make sure we always have it on hand.”

Wu also feels My Health Online’s messaging feature has helped strengthen her and her husband’s relationship with their children’s pediatrician, Kenneth Vereshagin, M.D., at PAMF’s Santa Clara Center.

“Through My Health Online messaging we can stay in close contact with Dr. Vereschagin,” says Wu. “He always gets back to us quickly with answers to our questions, providing just the reassurance we need. He knows everyone in our family. As well as being our children’s trusted doctor he has become a family friend.”

Additional Information from the Wu’s on how they use My Health Online:

  • All my historical test results that occurred before the advent of MHO were fully integrated into my account when I signed up back in 2009. This allowed me to compare my thyroid values from the second pregnancy, to the third pregnancy, when I started to have a thyroid condition for the first time.
  • Similarly, I am using my husband’s historical results to track his lipid profile (cholesterol, triglycerides, cardiac risk, etc.) over the years and to make more targeted dietary goals to lower his risk.