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Exercise and Kids: Why They Need It

Family running on the beach together

It can seem like kids are constantly on the move. But many hours of children’s days can be spent sitting at school or in front of computers, iPads or TVs, drastically reducing their daily activity level.

“Regular exercise has many health benefits for children – and adults, too,” says Elizabeth Anne Huffman, M.D., a pediatrician at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. “It helps us all maintain a healthy weight and build strong bones, muscles and joints. Exercise is also an excellent stress buster, encourages better sleep and will help your child concentrate at school.”

Here Dr. Huffman answers common questions from parents about exercise and kids and offers tips on how the family can be active together. Read More

Food Allergies: What Parents Should Know

Peanut Allegy Sign

With studies and the media reporting increases in kids’ food allergies, should parents be worried? Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s allergist and immunologist Grace Peace Yu, M.D., answers some of the questions she hears most frequently from parents.

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Kids, Fruits and Veggies: A Pediatrician’s Tips

Young boy does not want to eat broccoli

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, but getting our children to eat the right things can feel like pulling teeth. What should you do when your son gags at the sight of broccoli, or your daughter reaches for soda and candy instead of fruit?

Or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, what should you do if your child visits a local farm and vows never to eat a cow, pig or chicken again? Is it possible for a child to be healthy on a vegetarian diet?

Pediatrician Swati Pandya, M.D., answers parents’ questions about the importance of fruits and vegetables in children’s diets, how to encourage kids to eat more of these health boosters and meeting the dietary needs of young vegetarians.

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Are Vegan Diets OK for Babies and Toddlers?

In general, vegetarian diets can be healthful for children as long as there are alternative foods to meet their nutritional needs. However, the question becomes more complicated when one considers a vegan diet for a young child or infant.

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