Health IT

New Service Features Will Offer Even Better Patient Experience, Convenience

At PAMF we’re not just satisfied with offering top quality care, we’re also continually striving to improve our services to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to access and receive the care you need. In this blog post, you’ll learn about some of the new service features we will be offering you soon.

Starting December 1, 2011 You Will Be Able To:

  • Directly schedule your appointments online to see your primary care doctor.
  • Submit online appointment requests for specialty physicians.
  • Pay bills and co-payments and check your account balance quickly and easily online.
  • Go to any PAMF laboratory or imaging facility for services that is convenient for you.

As we implement these new service features, we will make every effort to make our changes without impacting your visit. We appreciate your patience and understanding if some things take a little longer than usual. Remember that from Dec. 1 as a My Health Online member, you’ll be able to schedule your appointments directly online without having to pick up the phone.

My Health Online Service Features:

You have access to many convenient features through our online service My Health Online. In addition to the new features described above, as a My Health Online member you currently can:

  • Communicate electronically with your health care team
  • View test results
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Receive automatic reminders when you are due for immunizations and health maintenance screening tests
  • Enjoy on-the-go access to My Health Online from your iPhone or Android smartphone with the new MyChart app

All these services, and more, are offered at no charge. If you are not yet enrolled in My Health Online, sign up today!

Manage Your Child’s Health Care More Conveniently Online:

My Health Online is not just a convenient way to manage your own health online, it’s also an easy way to manage your child’s medical needs. My Health Online’s Proxy Access Program gives you full access to the health records of your children younger than 12. From anywhere in the world, you can:

  • View and print vaccination records
  • Complete questionnaires that track your child’s development
  • Review medication instructions and other information that can help you better manage your child’s medical needs

Learn more and sign up for My Health Online’s Child Proxy Access.