Posts made in October, 2012

Advance Health Care Directive

Serious accident or illness can happen to anyone, which is why it is important to fill out an Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD). This simple document can be an invaluable guide for your loved ones in the event you are unable to make health care decisions for yourself. Read More

The Queen of Zumba

When Meg Price pulls on her workout clothes and heads to the gym she feels like the queen of Zumba. But it wasn’t always that way.

Meg Price lost 108 pounds after weight loss surgery.

A year ago, she weighed 280 pounds and was facing life in a wheelchair due to debilitating back pain. “My doctor told me I would probably end up in a wheelchair, but I was simply too young for that,” says Price. Read More

Taking Time to Build Trust

Lisa Hladik, M.D., internal medicine physician at the Mills-Peninsula Division, loves being a primary care doctor because she can take time to build trusting relationships with her patients over years. “Everyone has their own values, their politics, cultural background and views on health care,” she says. “So I have to personalize everything I do.”

Her goal is to help her patients maintain good health so they will be able to do whatever they enjoy in life. She shares her views in this video, which is part of a series highlighting the diverse voices of PAMF physicians.

Get the Most Out of a Doctor’s Visit

If you feel nervous talking to your doctor, you are not alone. A study by PAMF researchers found that patients want to participate in making decisions with their doctors, but feel vulnerable and worried that they might be perceived as “difficult.”

 “In my experience, a well informed and engaged patient will usually have the best outcome” says Jaclyn Gadbaw, M.D., a Family Medicine doctor at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF).  “This is because I then know what the patient needs and what they are willing to do in treatment. This way, we can work together in formulating the best medical plan.”

These 5 tips from Dr. Gadbaw may help you get started: Read More

It Hurts! Children’s Headaches, Stomach Aches

“Ouch, my ________ hurts!” You can almost guarantee most parents would fill in the blank with either ‘stomach’ or ‘head’ for their child. Headaches and stomach aches are two of the most common discomforts parents hear from their children – apart from maybe: “I’m bored!” Just like adults occasionally get a headache or stomach ache, babies and children can get them, too. Head and stomach pain can be part of an illness such as a virus, step throat or sinus infection, but this discomfort can also have many other triggers.

Most times, these pains are a fleeting discomfort, but if they do become a regular occurrence, finding out the triggers and getting to the bottom of any other issue that might be causing this complaint can help your child stay pain-free. In this blog post, pediatrician Paul Protter, M.D., answers parents’ questions about the causes for children’s headaches, migraines and stomach aches and how best to soothe and avoid these unwelcome pains. Read More