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Patient Story – Something Lost, Something Gained

Posted on Jun 5, 2012

Sury Maturi

When Sury Maturi committed to PAMF’s HMR Weight Management Program, he expected to lose pounds and improve his health. But one of the most surprising benefits was a strengthened relationship with his wife.

As he embarked on the program in July 2010, Maturi began a regular daily exercise regime and walked his hilly Almaden Valley neighborhood for up to an hour and a half every day for 544 consecutive days.

“My wife Jaya joined me on many of my walks,” says Maturi, a busy Silicon Valley engineer who works for Texas Instruments and moved here from Hyderabad, India, more than 30 years ago. “It’s given us some really nice quality time to talk and just be together. It’s fantastic how much this has enhanced our relationship.”

Maturi was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 16 years ago but had managed to keep his diabetes more or less under control with medication. He’d tried losing weight during this time to improve his health and lessen his reliance on diabetes medications but had never been successful.

“In June 2010 I got my wakeup call,” says Maturi. “My endocrinologist, Lara Wong, M.D., told me I had no more medication options. I would need to start injecting insulin to control my diabetes. I really, really did not want to do this as a personal choice.”

As an alternative, Maturi’s doctor suggested the HMR Program, and Maturi jumped at the chance to avoid insulin-dependency.

“I knew this was my last chance, so I was really motivated to succeed and carefully followed all the recommendations of my care team – the prescribed diet, regular exercise and precise medication dosages,” says Maturi. “I kept a detailed chart of my sugar levels, weight loss and medication dosages. Very soon I saw a big improvement in my sugar levels and started losing weight. It was very exciting and a great motivator to keep going.”

Although Maturi’s main goal for embarking on the program was to control his diabetes, he also lost 37 pounds along the way.

“I’m now only taking a third of the medication, and my diabetes is well-managed,” says Maturi. “I feel great, am sleeping better and have much more energy. It’s a liberating feeling. I cannot thank PAMF’s HMR staff enough for their vast knowledge, constant encouragement and being ever ready to help me improve my life.”

Maturi’s 18-year-old son, Abhiram, and 16-year-old daughter, Kinnera, also are delighted about their father’s new-found health.

“At a recent family dinner out, Kinnera suddenly had a very serious look on her face, and I knew she had something important to say,” says Maturi.

“She looked straight at me and said: ‘Thank you so much for doing the program and taking care of your health. It means you’ll be around for us longer.’ I really choked up when I heard that. I hadn’t realized how much my ill health had affected my family. I need no further incentive to keep going and doing what’s best for my health.”

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