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Health Tips for a Bon Voyage

Posted on Jun 26, 2012

Getting ready for a dream vacation? Remember the swimsuits and hiking boots, but don’t forget to pack good health, too.

“Preparing early, especially if you are going abroad, and packing some simple but essential supplies will ensure that your vacation time is spent at the beach or exploring local attractions and not at the doctor’s office, says N. Kay Morrison, M.D., director of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s Sunnyvale Travel Clinic.

Dr. Morrison’s top three tips for what every health savvy traveler should pack:

  1. Any prescription medications that you may need. If you have a tendency to strain your back or succumb to allergies, take the medications you know help you, even if you haven’t had symptoms for a while.
  2. An effective insect repellent. Choose one that contains DEET. If you are traveling where malaria occurs, take protective clothing with you.
  3. A good first aid kit. This should include medicines you use and prefer. Don’t overlook the basics such as sunscreen, bandages, an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment, diarrhea medications and cold remedies. If you’ll be very physically active (hiking, rafting, climbing), take supplies to treat blisters, insect bites, abrasions and other treatments for injuries that experience has taught you to anticipate.

Vacationing in India? Seeing the sights of South America?
International travel is often exciting and exotic, but you can be exposed to contaminated food, impure water or germs that can lead to unexpected medical problems. Our experienced travel medicine doctors at the Fremont and Palo Alto centers and the Sunnyvale Travel Clinic can help you prepare for all your international travel needs and ensure you have a healthy vacation abroad. You can also check out these healthy travel resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the PAMF website.

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