Posts made in April, 2012

Caring For Long-Time Neighbors – Allen Namath, M.D.

Allen Namath, M.D., a physician within PAMF’s Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Department, has lived in the Bay Area for 40 years, which he feels keeps him connected to the community.

“When you know your grocer or the person that works at your gas station for 20 years, it does become personal and you do become attached to people,” says Dr. Namath in this philosophy of care video. “I take care of people who used to teach me when I was in school 20 years ago.”

Dr. Namath sees patients at PAMF’s Fremont Center. Learn more about his philosophy of care below, in this video which is part of a series highlighting the diverse voices of PAMF physicians.

Improving Quality of Life Every Day – Chad Rammohan, M.D.

From the very first day he attended medical school, cardiology was a natural interest says Chad Rammohan, M.D., FAAC, an interventional cardiologist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s Mountain View Center.

As an interventional cardiologist Dr. Rammohan performs minimally invasive procedures to improve his patients’ quality of life. “It’s really exciting being in the forefront of these cutting edge techniques and seeing how they help people every day.”

“I get to interact daily with people and share their experiences and stories,” says Dr. Rammohan in this video, which is part of a series highlighting the diverse voices of PAMF physicians. “The best part of this job is seeing people who are really sick get better quickly.”

PAMF Health Education’s Breastfeeding Support Seeks Survey Participants

Ongoing Project Provides Insights into Best Breastfeeding Support for New Mothers

Knowing that breastfeeding is the healthiest choice for you and your baby is one thing – but what motivates moms to start and continue breastfeeding and what makes them stop? To learn just that and tailor our support for new mothers and their families, PAMF’s Education Division is conducting a large, ongoing survey of breastfeeding mothers called the Bay Area Breastfeeding Experience Survey (BABES).

The project, which follows BABES participants until they stop breastfeeding, has now been underway for two years. You’ll find the most recent highlights from the survey on our BABES website. Data is updated regularly by the team.

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How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet Correctly


More and more people are heeding the advice of their doctors to stay “well” by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. To take advantage of the great outdoors and beautiful areas of open space, many people choose bicycling. Every generation can be seen joining in the fun – and sharing the benefits of biking – whether it’s a preschooler on his or her first tricycle, children heading off to school, a cycling group heading off on a ride, or a family riding together on the weekend.

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