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Nurses Honored with Clinical Excellence Awards

Posted on Oct 18, 2011 | 0 comments

Pictured from left to right are: Deanna Ciano, Tamara Vargas-Maionchi, Wendy Valdovinos, Hope Herring and Helen Benavidez. Not pictured: Belen Salazar.

Congratulations to the six outstanding nurses who received this year’s PAMF Palo Alto Division Clinical Excellence Awards! Each year since 2005, exemplary nurses are chosen by their peers to receive this award. The winners are picked because of the excellent and compassionate care they provide for our patients and also to recognize that they are outstanding colleagues and leaders. This year’s winners, honored at a luncheon in September, are:

  • Helen Benavidez, an ophthalmic technician in the Palo Alto Center’s Eye Department
  • Deanna Ciano, a nurse in the Palo Alto Center’s Pediatrics Department
  • Hope Herring, an advice nurse in the Dublin Center’s Observation Unit
  • Belen Salazar, a certified medical assistant in the Fremont Center’s Allergy Department
  • Tamara Vargas-Maionchi, a certified medical assistant at Portola Valley Women’s Health Center
  • Wendy Valdovinos, an advice nurse at the Los Altos Center

To be chosen for a Clinical Excellence Award, nurses must excel in three or more of the following areas: patient care, clinical expertise, patient advocacy, the Patients First initiative, role modeling and mentoring, quality improvement, professional growth and teaching.


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